I like making things. To create, first I must learn.

My grandfather is a prolific artist who never shows his work publicly, and my mom is a talented woodworker and problem solver. I grew up feeling that connection to a family of creative builders and makers.

Making something allows me to create something real out of an idea.

I’ve done a variety of jobs, including marketing and visual design, programming and engineering, management, product design, branding, and visual art. Several years ago, I taught myself how to bind books, and now make sketchbooks that I have gifted and sold. I taught myself jewelry making at home with a blowtorch and anvil on my desk. I’ve sewn my own clothes, crocheted blankets, and scarves, recorded and edited videos and podcasts, and even built a window seat out of wood and fiberboard with my now-husband Rob.

I’ll learn anything if it means making something new and interesting. I will bring my passion for learning and making to whatever project you may have, and I’ll make it real.