Art goals for 2018

Okay so I’m a little late on the 2018 train given that it’s February, but I made a list of goals I have for the upcoming year. I’m moving into being a fulltime artist and illustrator, so I have a lot of work I need to do to make this successful. I’m both excited and really nervous about what’s coming up. Here’s my list: Studio space I’m lucky enough to have a room in my house that I can devote to studio space but so far it’s been pretty neglected and I haven’t done a ton of work around organization and making the room feel cozy and very much ME in awhile. It’s just kind of slouchy and messy and it’s hard to grab things I need because they’re buried in drawers and closets and shelves. So I really need to update my studio room to be a more comfortable and accommodating place for my art. You can see it in the above photo – just kind of a general mess. So what I need is: I need an area for art display that I can rotate artwork out. I need to be able to display some in-progress and recently […]
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On Drawing and Creativity

I had a conversation with a friend recently. He asked me, “How do I learn how to draw?” I didn’t know what to say – I’m still experiencing imposter syndrome from years of feeling like I can’t draw, so every time someone asks me that I usually mumble things about “drawing every day” and “learn how to see” and maybe hand them a copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. But I’ve been thinking about this idea of making things and creativity, and maybe what people are asking is not how to learn how to draw but how to feel comfortable with the idea of creativity as a whole. Creativity has become a buzzword that gets thrown around and countless businessy thinkpieces trying to answer the questions “What is creativity?” and “Is everyone a creative?” Either the definition becomes something so elitist that only people being paid for their creativity seem to be allowed to call themselves a creative, or the definition becomes so broad as to mean absolutely nothing at all. In a world of seeing people’s highlight reels on Instagram, how do you reconcile what it means about you and your “talent” when you produce […]
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