ICA Trip

On Friday Rob and I biked downtown to see Art in the Age of the Internet at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. It was a beautiful evening, though a little chilly out on the water. The exhibit was, of course, amazing.   Really powerful exhibit of tv screens playing riots, protests, and news from Black Lives Matter. This exhibit was amazing, it was an interactive story that you clicked through. I used to build stuff like this all the time in the early days of the web, it was so inspiring – I want to get back into doing little web experiments like that! A US flag recorded from a sports intro, which was then printed on flag material. There was a room called State of Surveillance where you are being recorded while within the room. It was maybe the most powerful room in the whole exhibit. This artwork slowly prints out an encrypted version of all the websites banned in China. I had an amazing time but it was freezing inside the exhibit! If you live anywhere near Boston you MUST see this exhibit before it closes in May. Especially if you love all things Internet and […]
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