Boundaries are drawn in many ways and by many people, particularly when it comes to belief. As long as people have been around, they have had many different and strange gods. With the passage of time, many of them have fallen out of belief and become forgotten. There are lines in the belief that we draw, intentionally or otherwise. I created Remnants to showcase these forgotten and strange gods; each one pushed and pulled by different boundaries. These five representations aren’t related to any particular diety; I invented them and their respective runes. The sketches were made with ink on paper with the different gods surrounded by their geometric runic lines. Remnants is a work of balance and boundaries, creation and strangeness, and, most importantly, remembrance. It was an exercise in illustration, design, and technique for simple runic symbols using only ink.
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Mulder and Scully

I don’t watch a lot of movies and TV other than horror movies (much to the annoyance of my friends), but sometimes something captivates me. I grew up with the original X-Files, though I didn’t actively watch a serious amount until the a few years ago. When I finally did, I couldn’t help but be taken in by it all: a strong female protagonist in Scully, a brooding and eclectic male protagonist in Mulder, and investigative journeys involving vast government conspiracies and aliens! Without a doubt, it’s one of the top 5 TV shows. While watching the show, I made this quick sketch in ink to honor the best alien detectives ever created. I wanted to capture each of the title characters distinctive looks when I sketched this out. Scully is always well composed and has a practiced skepticism about her, a testament to her background as an MD and veteran FBI agent. Mulder has a penetrating and capturing gaze; his eyebrows furrowed just enough to show the intensity of his conspiratorial thoughts. Like the characters, there are two camps of people: Scully or Mulder people. Do you believe or not? I believe!
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