Occult stickers


I started using a physical planner over the last year, and it’s been fantastic! I still use a calendar app, but it isn’t the same as having a notebook in front of you. It’s part of the entire experience: the weight of the notebook, pressing the sides as you open it, the paper’s smoothness, and the smell of the paper. Sensory experiences aside, I’ve seen a lot of different planner sticker sets, and I decided to make some myself. Before I made the sticker sets, I took inspiration from metal, goth, and witchcraft subcultures. I researched sticker designs and occult subjects, then I sketched and refined the designs in Adobe Sketch and Photoshop.

After the research, designs, and refinements had been finished, there was the final step: printing. It’s easier in theory than practice, designs look different on a screen and when physically printed. I had to go through an iterative process to get the planner stickers just right; they need the right quality of print, color contrast, and drying process. Additionally, I printed the sticker sets on white matte and transparencies to allow for different applications. These stickers became the inspiration for a few other sets.